Paidboom Redefined Dashboard

Take your business next level with Paidboom's new redefined dashboard that would allow you to manage all of your websites, domain names, and email accounts from one place. Get a real-time overview of all of your sites, update DNS settings, monitor bandwidth usage, and even receive instant notifications for any communication.

Invite your developers and allow them to manage your website.

With the Paidboom user management feature, you can invite your developers to manage your account without having to share your password or risk them misusing your account. You can also revoke access instantly, and easily add more users when necessary. If you are a developer, you can ask your clients to invite your email to manage their Paidboom account. It takes less than a minute.

2FA Security and Connect Google account in clicks.

Protect your Paidboom account with 2FA! Our two-factor authentication system ensures that no one can access your account without having your unique Security Key (2FA).

To add an added layer of security to your account, we allow you to connect your Google account to auto sign in to your Paidboom account without having to enter your email and password each time you login.

Switch between Paidboom accounts.

Have multiple accounts or wants to manage your clients account on their behalf? Our redefined dashboard included switch between account feature that allows you to login to any other Paidboom account in just a few clicks. No hassle of entering email, password again and again.

View stats & easy managed dashboard.

With our redefined dashboard, you can browse or manage your website, files, and email accounts, giving you the best UI experience you would ever have with Paidboom.

The most painless upgrade process.

Want to upgrade the hosting package? You can now upgrade from one shared cloud hosting plan to another with just a few clicks, without worrying about navigating through any confusing menus or contacting support with our built-in hosting upgrade feature with a smooth upgrade process. Some plans may necessitate the assistance of our team, but we call it painless because we manage all of the tasks from our end.

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